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RSN: Nullusion

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RS History:
Elite Order (February 2006 - May 2006) (Closed)
Looking through the Great Hall with a friend, Cake Pro, we finally decided on #lite Order as our first clan. At the time my combat level wasn't that high, but we had a good time at events varying from castle wars to P2P Portal PK Trips. The clan was rather small but still pretty active, especially to the P2P PK trips. I was eventually promoted to Event Coordinator but it slowly began to fall apart when members began to leave and it eventually closed. I met quite a few cool people in this clan, two of which would refer me to one of my future clans.

FEAR Clan (June 2006) (Closed)
Once Elite Order closed I was looking for another clan I could meet the requirements to and still enjoy the community. I picked FEAR to join with a friend and became a future applicant for a few weeks. Had a good time during my few weeks here, but things fell apart once again. We fought Heroes of the Future a few times, ran into Hostile, fought Valor, and helped Divine Forces clear out HoF and Hostile. I went on vacation for a week and came back to find out the Australians had decided to leave and it left the clan in disarray and it soon closed.

Dark Slayers (August 2006)(Quit RuneScape)
Finally ready to move on to bigger and better things, I was split between the decision of which top clan I wanted to join. After weeks of training Nosta Khan and Un H0ly, two friends from Elite Order, agreed to refer me as a DS FA along with Half Doller. After spending much of the summer training just to be able to join, I was burned out after about the third week and decided to leave. I took part in a few good fights with Divine Forces and Damage Incorporated, but as a future applicant I felt I was left out of a lot of things. I thought I was done with RuneScape and managed to stay away from it for a while after leaving DS.

Eternal Honour (November 2006 to October 2009) (Closed)
I first introduced myself to Eternal Honour on November 30th, 2006, a few months after it initially opened, just before we had first hit 100 members. Had some memorable moments as a future applicant fighting against The Gladiatorz and The Mighty Red Dragons on unofficial PK trips from week to week. Ready to apply I was thankfully allowed to participate in Eternal Honour's first official F2P war against The Dynasty. I believe it was one of The Dynasty's final fights before closing. Mage banking was becoming increasingly popular at the time and I attended several trips led by Striker 36 and Daniel Odea, each who would later move on to Runescape Dinasty. Uber N00blet, X Zach02, and Fueledbyhype were soon elected as the new PK Leaders and we continued to rise as a clan. After about seven or eight months I was given the position of Trial Commander. One of my first fights as a Commander was a tree to tree PKRI against TRWF. We performed very well, forcing them to leave before the time cap was due to expire. From there I participated in about every fight from week to week, rarely missing an event.

I experienced a lot during my early days in Eternal Honour. Rivalry was given a whole new meaning after spending months feuding with Violent Resolution. Once each other's friend, soon each other's enemy. We had both fighting in our own unplanned boundaries and Noobs Incorporated had decided to crash. Both clans teamed against NI to clear them and decided to call it a night and we walked down with each other peacefully. After declaring for an official war we soon received word that Violent Resolution had planned to cheat by asking Reign of Terror to crash the fight for them. They ended up crashing but were soon cleared out by Dark Slayers and hardly affected the fight. We were granted the win despite their claim that the fight wasn't clean and from there any type of friendship had was thrown out the window. They eventually hacked our forums and really motivated us to beat them over and over again. At one point it was about 14-3 before they finally started to avoid us as they began to slump to the bottom of the top ten.

I spent the next two years leading Eternal Honour in many triumphant victories over Divine Forces, Echo of Silence, Runescape Dinasty, The Titans, The Runescape Warhungers Federation, Damage Incorporated, The Rising, and several others in both mini-wars and run-ins. Some periods were duller than others with the lack of wilderness, but we had to adapt as a clan in order to survive. The wilderness was removed and the clan declined because a lack of interest once bounty hunter was in place. It wasn't our strongest point, but we hung in there. We participated in a capped fight with DI and though we ended with much few options than they did, we knew we had out-performed despite every numerical advantage they had against us. It was a great turnout for us and a huge turning point as clan wars was released. Bounty Hunter was eventually taken away and Clan Wars became the big thing. We had several amazing performances during this period, many during the tournaments. Upsetting Echo of Silence after being down quite a few people and amassing eighty-one people on one day's preparation to defeat Violent Resolution.

The free for all arena returned and we thought it was pretty lame so we didn't use it. Without the wilderness the best thing you really had was a CWA PKRI. Turrets was extremely boring and repetitive and I think a lot of people didn't take this period in time serious enough. It was a down period for the clan world and though there were some fun times, there wasn't enough.

Once the wilderness was added back on PvP and Bounty Hunter worlds a lot of things went back to the way they were used to be. It was odd having to buy sets again but we all made due. We had a big fight almost every weekend, dying thirty to forty times on an average week and upwards to 60 in a fight against Damage Incorporated. After much disagreeing with how the clan was being run I discussed with the leaders my intention to retire. I ended up getting kicked out of my house when my mom found my bong in my car and I missed my retirement trip. I spent a few months away from runescape and eventually when I moved back in I began looking back into the clan world and how Eternal Honour was doing. Determined to defeat Corruption I attended the very first victory over one of our most hated rivals. With an amazing start of near 345 options and an ending of nearly 370 options we began to make our push back to the top. With much dislike for Divine Forces I finally decided to unretire and resume my position as a Commander before our Capped PKRI with Divine Forces. The fight was a complete joke and we ended with about 140 more options and had dominated the fight from the second it started. They would soon begin to feud with us over who was number one despite numerous victories. Eventually some of our older members lost interest and we fell out of competition with the three clans. From here we remained stable just outside of the top five. After the summer was over I was promoted to Holy Commander along with Slaughter17. It was a very prestigious rank that I still hold very highly today. We did our best to improve Eternal Honour as a clan over the last two months, carefully choosing opponents as we slowly grew back. The fire in the leadership soon burned out and many wished to soon retire, resulting in the decision to close the clan to save its legacy. Unable to accept that it was the end I decided to talk to the remaining leadership into forming a new clan, Vengeance.

Vengeance (October 2009 to January 2010) (Retired on hiatus/Closed)
The clan consisted much of former Eternal Honour members. We started out amazingly, climbing the ranks probably too quickly for our own good. After a few months I got into a little accident during a storm and then taking an unplanned vacation, going missing for a period of time and the leadership fell apart while I was gone. I apologize to anyone that was involved with this, it could have worked out much better if I was around and it was my fault.

I recently introduced myself to RuneScape Dinasty, but I haven't chosen to apply yet. There aren't many clans I'd consider joining right now.

About yourself: I'm just a twenty year old dude from Pennsylvania. We don't get tornadoes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes or any of that shit so you can't hate. I snowboard in the winter and blaze nard year round. Smoking pot is an easy way to combat boredom. I basically spend my life getting fucked up or sleeping. Seems like the usual life for people my age, around here at least.

I've been playing 'scape solely for clans for a few years now. I'm not much of a skiller and to this day I don't log in more than a few times every week. I tried getting back into it but it died out on me again.

Why you want to join DI: So I can be re-united with Alex Dawg without having to join VR.

Contact details: Nullusion on SwiftIRC and SeersIRC

Do you know any DI members? (Yes/No): I know a few, most notably Alex Dawg. Oergg lives 40 miles away from me in the sticks of PA.

Additional comments: It'd be interesting to see DI re-open, that's for sure. It's funny to see how people react to the rumors.

Do you want a mentor? Or do you have one already?: Mentors are for wussies.
Good luck man

~Shane - Co-leader of DI~
Good effort
Alex Dawg
one of my best friends on rs <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Good luck
good luck
I'm surprised, not gonna lie, good luck dude ThumbUp.gif
best of luck
Wtf alex is your best friend, in exo we used to camp you in your eh remake rofl.
good luck? lol
Null Strikes
The more Nulls the merrier ThumbUp.gif
Alex Dawg
QUOTE(Duvasio @ May 23 2010, 08:41 PM) *

Wtf alex is your best friend, in exo we used to camp you in your eh remake rofl.

he knows, i hated eh/veng but we are best friends
I dont live in Tamaqua i grew up there. I live near Pittsburgh:)
Alex Dawg
QUOTE(Oergg @ May 23 2010, 11:48 PM) *

I dont live in Tamaqua i grew up there. I live near Pittsburgh:)

aka they dont let sex offenders 30 miles from that city
Dunno what your introduction is for, but fuck no as long as you're real life brothers with that spastic Neolithent. Also, you even failed at being a trial member in RSD in April.
Good luck.
QUOTE(Shane @ May 24 2010, 12:22 AM) *

Good luck man

~Shane - Co-leader of DI~

old school rank rofl fag gj on getting in yesterday.

gl btw null lol.gif
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