Your job is to make mage bank pk trips. Its that simple, but theres a few ground rules.

- When you call a mage bank pk trip, FIRST, before you do, take note of who is online on RS. Then call it.
- Then call by whatever means you wish. PM in RS, spam IRC, etc.
- After youve called, and massed up for say 15 minutes or so, take note of whos there, you dont need to actually take note of who attends, but just make a mental note, it'll come in handy in the future. However, do take a written note of who is, and lets be clear on this, ON RS BUT NOT AT THE PK TRIP, just because you see someone on IRC, it doesnt mean they cant be doing homework etc. Then you give me the names. It becomes part of the list of inactives.
- As such, you cant call a mandatory mage bank pk trip, but you can if and only if you ask a warlord and have approval of them.