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Full Version: Narrfo
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Link to Intro:

Accepted Intro Date: 22nd March

Intro Stats: IPB Image

RS Activity Tracker:
Olde Nite
I don't know who this guy is, but if he spent so much time with RoT why is he applying here and not there?
Olde Nite
don't think I've seen this guy since, but looks like he's training a good amount
Yea aint seen him either
ye literally a ghost lol
Olde Nite
He came in cc the other day asking if it was ok to pk with vanguard. This guy is likely way out there and not sure what he's getting himself. Worth someone talking to him and seeing his plans though.
Olde Nite
Anyone have an update?

He's pmed me for a reference and I literally haven't seen/talked to him since that last encounter.
talked to him a little but also think he was pking with vng the other night (not confirmed)
Seems like maybe a handful of people have ever spoken to him since he's introed, what's the point if he spends his days pking with another clan and getting close to their community while ignoring ours?
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