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Accepted Intro Date: 12th March

Intro Stats: IPB Image

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honestly this is a long shot.

he works more than I do atm so it's gonna be a while before his account is even ready & then it'll be a long process getting up to standards.

at the very least he's reliable & will show up to the big fights.
i'm also going to give him TS access unless anyone is opposed to it
Are you in contact with this guy at all? Doesn't check forums much so hard to know what's going on.
yeah he's on ts regularly and i talk to him like every other day.

he's an accountant too so he's pulling 60+ hour weeks atm which doesn't leave time for much else. he hangs on ts sometimes and does raids but i think it's still going to be quite a while before he's ready to FA.

i should mention i told him about the sunday fight vs ronin and he was ready to go (before it got cancelled)
invited to sunday
Olde Nite
Would say he's definitely more a clan friend, but doesn't hurt us to leave him as is.
similar to yo0 father in that he'll likely never take it seriously enough to apply or make member but we can see how it plays out in the coming weeks. he's like me in that last saturday was his first weekend off work since january so although he has been super busy I do doubt he makes it.

and honestly if he can't make it to the big sunday fights when we need guests i don't really think he should have clan friend.
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