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Full Version: Backpacking Western Europe
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I'm taking my senior trip to London in two weeks, I'll be overseas for 4 weeks. I plan on hitting Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin.

Anyone recommend a country to visit along the way?
Also if anyone is near and cares to grab a pint let me know.
Olde Nite
Sounds like a lot of fun, enjoy.
QUOTE(Olde Nite @ Jun 15 2015, 10:54 PM) *

Sounds like a lot of fun, enjoy.

Mk 17
Rihanna's vagina
there're no countries along the way, you're visiting 4 neighbouring countries
Rihanna's vagina
did you just write down the 4 european cities you knew? do some research, sucker
U dnt wanna visit Amsterdam i reckon u wanna visit Kiev thats a nice place at this time of year
Rihanna's vagina
in high school i made a presentation on Wuppertal and it was mostly about this floating tram cause there wasn't much else, dare to be different

IPB Image
Rihanna's vagina
everyone laughed at me cause i kept saying wutterpal
Rihanna's vagina
and cause i was the only one that picked a random city with a floating tram
Rihanna's vagina
i was also scratching my face the entire time cause that's what i do when i give presentations and the teacher kept telling me to stop scratching myself
Rihanna's vagina
are you gonna go to wuppertal to float in the floating tram?
is the floating tram exciting to float on
Rihanna's vagina
i don't know, i've never been anywhere, i'm a dreamer not a doer
I once saw roadsigns to Wuppertal so its pretty famous if it has road signs to get there
palb0 wanch0p
yer I 0nce saw a r0adsign t0 ur ol dears barrel it w0s along the lines 0f j0shs ol dears barrol cum n ave a g0 Cuz everyone else fakin has
O frigg off ur the chap who got a black eye from a petting zoo and then noshed ur brother off for a bud lite to numb the pain
send ur sister my way ill look after her pal
Prague like someone mentioned before looks amazing
oh shut the hell up neil wat do u faki nklnow
yeh neil knows two fifths of fuck all
went to prague for 5 days can confirm its sik but it was full of yanks when i went

cheap beer n good nightlife tho
palb0 wanch0p
yer but ur 19 goin 0n 33
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