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Full Version: Washington DC
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Here till saturday, anyone have anything cool and unconventional for me to check out? Besides the obvious famous stuff lol

Also, are there any head shops anyone would recommend? The only one a friend told me about closed after a raid lmao
hang out at night in south east dc
Mk 17
I love me a d00ber shop

I hope a fella in the area can recommend you a decent d00ber shop
QUOTE(Mk 17 @ Dec 10 2014, 05:32 PM) *

I love me a d00ber shop

I hope a fella in the area can recommend you a decent d00ber shop

You an me both mk
Flew here so no bud, was hoping to score some kratom or somethin. Don't feel like I could just ask around for bud like I did in Colorado lol
I used to live there for 3 years, what are you into?

There were some decent clubs. Loads of students around Georgetown which is always fun for pubs. Hard to suggest stuff as there's a lot.

More of an explorer I guess, got done with my clubbing in the beginning of college. We figured we'd check out the zoo but not sure what else, was sorta hoping for stuff more unique to the area I guess tongue.gif
Don't know really what to suggest for exploring in Winter, renting a canoe on the potomac was cool in summer, as was this bike trail just over in Arlington that took you right along the river for several miles and there was stuff to do in the forest (like jumps and stuff).

Can't say I did outside stuff much in winter, other than skiing in local day-trip ski resorts (like 20 runs so 'day' trip). There used to be openair skating but can't remember the exact location which i enjoyed. Other than that in winter I spent most of it inside, watching Ice Hockey, Pubs/bars/Cinema.... Can't say I did anything exciting in winter.

Yeah I sound boring now. Your best bet is probably the Smithsonian, or a tour of the capital building was interesting. Didn't do any of the paid museums like 'Newseum' and stuff... Most the stuff I did was in summer when friends from Europe were visiting ;>
check out the world trade centre and the Statue of Liberty bro
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