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Damage Incorporated _ Introduce Yourself _ mIRC Guide

Posted by: Brian Aug 24 2014, 04:10 AM

mIRC Guide


1. File > Select Server
IPB Image
Put in your nickname.

2. Switch to the servers section and double click on quakenet random server.
IPB Image
Should now say Quakenet as shown in 1st picture.
Connect to the server

Ok so heres how to register:

When connected to quakenet pick a nickname, this will be the name of your AUTH but you aren't required to use this nickname after you identify.

First you type the command:


/msg Q HELLO youremail@address youremail@address

Check the email and it should tell you how to identify but this is the command you use:


/msg AUTH username password

3. Go to options and click on perform
IPB Image
IPB Image
Make sure enable perform on connect is enabled.
Click add > Add quakenet
Should now look like this
IPB Image
Enter the following into the perform section.
/msg auth username password
//mode $me +x

Click OK.

4. Now go to IRC section and make sure auto join on invite is enabled.
IPB Image

5. Hit ALT+B to open up the Address Book.
IPB Image
Furthest on the right, go to the Highlight tab.

IPB Image
Check the box to Enable Highlight, and press Add.

IPB Image
Use "$me" as the word to highlight, which will highlight you anytime your username is spoken. Add a sound that plays so that you can hear it ding when you get a highlight. Change the color if you wish.

Hit OK and you're done.

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