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post Apr 1 2007, 01:38 AM
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I think we need a post here for us to discuss some important issues.



Not sure exactly what we're gonna do but I think an inactive boot is needed, some people regulary say they can't make the f2p and some of them don't even p2p. They hafta go. Another thing, I think we need to concentrate on either f2p or p2p, the thing that's pulling us apart atm is we're a small clan trying to do too much. If it's not struggling to win long fights on f2p, it's fighting faggots ag/nr at mb. I guess some of our members might be feeling a little worn, yeah we're meant to be the biggest pk clan in rs but surely not with under 130 people. We can't handle the timezones and the state of the competition nowdays, clans care way too much about winning anyway possible. Yes clan changes are needed but it's not my say.


I think we need to discuss the promotions as a group, the generals especially. I also think maybe we need some kind of hierachy for f2p or sometimes have people fall in on different people to take some heat off the warlords while we're returning or whatever.


I think we need to chill back on f2p for a while, go out and kill lower clans, get the morale back up and the rune sets. Brian's right, we really aren't the number 1 f2p clan, Df mass recruited, we got unlucky, they're practically DS, they didn't earn number 1 AT ALL. We need accept that we're gonna need at least 150 active members to beat df and even then have a variated timezone so we don't loose opts. We should focus on p2p and forget f2p even exsists because it's eating us up and our performance on p2p is sliding because of it.

We need to discuss and review.

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post Apr 1 2007, 04:57 PM
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  • Clan Image: Most of the clan world dislikes us immensely and this really hurts us when it comes to getting new members and at fights when they all want to 1 item us. Anti-crashing will help but lets also try not to make stupid comments or flame in public. Let's especially not get into a flame war with df like we did with ds.
  • Recruiting/Member Count: We do really good for our small size but it is going to be difficult to defeat df without getting slightly bigger imo. We really need to concentrate of getting more quality Americans and Australians who are more likely to stick around for the late fights.
  • P2p: Been busy lately especially during the week, so not completely sure whats going on but we need to do something so that we die less/kill them more
  • I really think that at every fight from now on that we all go priv to friends. Df, eh, and corr will not really fight us at greaters because they know they won't do as well there. If you look at pictures from Df and Ds when they were around, you see that almost every member has priv chat to friends. This is especially important when we aren't at greaters because it will keep us together and not let us chase so far which is a big problem, because lack of clear landmarks. Everyone in rs knows about a fight once it starts, and there is always anti-crashers so it won't hurt us really.
  • Binding: I came late yesterday but it seemed our binding was better than last time? Anyways a big problem the mages have been saying is that every single df ranger just stands around and ranges our mages so they can't bind. I think we need to be more on the look out for them.
  • Df has a really nice strategy going on that really hurt us I noticed yesterday. Basically what they do is they have a member follow one of us, or whoever else is leading, while we call a fall in. This df member alerts their warlords of our exact location and a 120+ option pile destroys our attempt to get a ko pile going. Basically what we can do is 1. Hit the guy off. Usually they charge in when we are low options while calling a fall in and if we attacked the guy who is hard to see behind us then we would get dragged somewhere across rs. Just hit him a couple times so he goes away and quickly refollow. 2. Kill him quickly before he can give exact location of our ko group that is forming to their pk leaders. 3. Do the same to them by having a member follow one of their leaders and inform us of the location to quickly take out a leader before he can gather a ko pile.
  • Be more aggressive particularly targeting their leaders: lil2, flint, veseable, bountyhunter, ballingboy, carolina4ever, homedawg90, and snoopy. These are the 8 people that mainly call ko piles. We really need to target them because they are very good at scattering our groups. Other important targets are mages, and rangers. Any, mage, ranger, or leader I think should be called if possible with a @@ to help people know that this is a key guy to take out. Also it always seems that we never hit their leader while he has alot of options behind him it is always us that gets hit.

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