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> Operation Community Outreach
post May 6 2017, 09:22 PM
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High Level PvM Clans
Hero PvM (Need to be selective here)

Their Mindset:
I asked Ben to do some high technology information gathering of people often involved in the high level community and what their views are on "Multi Pkers in general and if they would ever join a clan."
This is, for the most part, what feedback he received.

18:07 Ben` • [21:45] <Bj> toxic, ip grabbing, pixel loving cucks
18:07 Ben` • [21:45] <Bj> =\
18:07 Ben` • [21:45] <Ben`> nah it's fair, just curious
18:07 Ben` • [21:45] <Bj> maybe that's a bit harsh lol
18:07 Ben` • [21:45] <Ben`> nah it's whatever dude whatever your opinion is
18:07 Ben` • [21:46] <Bj> I don't really have an issue with most clans. It's just like...the wildy is the wildy, so it draws people who want to see others lose their items
18:07 Ben` • [21:46] <Bj> so it breeds toxicity in general
18:07 Ben` • [21:47] <Bj> also, mandatory stuff is never fun
18:07 Ben` • [21:47] <Ben`> yea for sure
18:07 Ben` • [21:47] <Ben`> thanks for the opinion bro
18:07 Ben` • [21:48] <Bj> also the constant flaming and hashtagging make me want to kms. like, it's bad enough in a pvm clan already, let alone flaming kids in edge cuz "u barely survived a half nigger" isnt fun lol
18:07 Ben` • most ppl were like that ^

What can we do to change this?

Obviously this one if being worked on by bball and Olde, and as far as i know so far we are making good progress with plans to invite iamkeeferz on a Pk trip sometime soon and to have PureSpam talk to jagex about issues within the clan community. Hopefully this will improve our exposure and get even a few more people interested in what we do.

Obviously this has it's own topic already so it doesn't need much explanation in this one, the obvious benefits would be that it is easier to reach and involve yourself within our community - Furthering interaction with those who may already be interested or those who need some pushing in the right direction to get the ball rolling.( in terms of making the leap to intro/FA

Exposure to the wider runescape community
We had made a start to this a couple of months ago with consistent hits on Mog Time's stream which gave us a small boost of exposure. But, in my opinion if we're going to try and appeal to the masses we need to get seriously stuck in and involved with communities such as the /r/2007scape one (We've already got Chaosten who has connections there). What i'd suggest is we'd become the protagonist, whilst RoT is the antagonist, the more of a regular occurrence we become on there the more of a name we make for ourselves.

In my opinion this is what would set us apart from the crowd.

I've had a few ideas so far but this is my best one:

Mass Raids
Hype this shit up, post the event on RSC, Reddit, anywhere we possibly can to make sure we get 100+ people, have a laugh on Discord (i will explain this later) and show that we aren't just a clan full of mindless robots wandering around the wilderness killing PvMers.
It would be hosted on discord which would kickstart the activity of our discord massively by immediately having a minimum of 30-40 people that have nothing to do with us on there.
Could get someone like iamkeeferz to stream it too (assuming that hes down for it) so that even more people become interested.

Obviously, these ideas are so far, incomplete. But i believe that if we put enough thought into really making an outreach to those outside of our current "recruitment circle" it could be very very beneficial to us.

If you have any other ideas please post them

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post May 7 2017, 02:43 AM
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the ideas are fine but just like anything else we'll come to a consensus on forums & then never execute.
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post May 7 2017, 03:07 AM
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Community events are essential. Rot doesn't really do this, even though they have the resources to do so. Not everything has to be combat related. Raids are a good idea, but that's very surface level. I think doing something especially unique is important.

I'll think about it more, but we need to get creative. Creating our own fun event would be pretty sick. Think about something like Mike Myers/Cops & Robbers in COD, where people take the game and put a unique spin on it.

On another note, I think it might be worth considering a house party and treat it like a rl house party. Like invite "e-bitches" and trade ppl weed and white toy ponies and shit lmao. Kind of on the troll/spastic side, but that shit is entertaining to the people who watch streams. They'd eat it up lol

And ye, I think it's important to be the "protagonist" -- but within reason. You still want a brand that's entertaining/engaging. You don't wanna be some church ass niggas u feel me

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post May 8 2017, 08:51 AM
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Doing raids is a good start, need to make sure members are going to attend first as a starting point though.
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