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> P2p Focus., Where we stand, where we're going.
post Jul 29 2007, 06:54 AM
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As of recent times there has been a trend of F2P members returning to MB, maybe its because of the improved situation, maybe its because of the extra effort thats been put in into promoting MB. I dont think we really LACK numbers in GMT anymore, I mean, anything over 30 people IS overkill, whatever way you put it. When it gets past that, we tend to lose kills, because of people, well, not listening to orders generally.

There are a few area's that need some real work still.

Ahrims - Ok, heres the thing, we always say, "dont use ahrims unless you can live a 5 min tb", and its true, you should NOT wear ahrims if you cant live a 5 min tb. If you have ahrims you should probably have at LEAST 8 brews. If you dont know how to brew, then you shouldnt use ahrims? Well this is what happens. We say, dont bring ahrims unless you can live a 5 min tb, then people still bring ahrims. Why? Because they dont want to admit they cant live a 5 minute tb. We need to get around this, "NICE USING MYSTIC AG ROFL" thing, because people are still ashamed not to use ahrims. Im not saying we ban less skilled pkers from using ahrims, but yea, we gotta get around this ideology of people thinking they can live in ahrims when we know they havent got a hope in hell. If AG cant get ahrims off us they cant make back what they lose to us.

Saving a person/dropping a kill - When a Di member is tbed in at least ahrims (tank isnt that big of a deal) then ALL KILLS should be dropped automatically. If anyone is seen on a kill after the order for help is given, they should be punished, no matter WHAT the kill is. This WOULDNT apply if someone went up and got an ahrims kill, because end of the day, they arent going to down their own personal items, but thats up to whoever is in charge end of the day.

Lockpicks - Its fucking stupid sometimes, half our ppl in tank dont even have lockpicks. LOCKPICK MANDATORY UNLESS YOUR A TBER should be implemented.

Force people to tb - (?)(IF NO ONE IS WILLING) - In my opinion, everyone should have to take a turn at tbing, its not a nice job, but yea, everyone should have to do it sometimes. If we're short tbers, someone should be ordered to tb, no arguing.

Retarded gear - NO FUCKING mage books, wands, fury ammies (BIG NO), dragon visage or whatever the fuck it is, NOT ALLOWED, no need for it. If someone is using any of this shit, make them change or kick them from the trip. 99% of the time people use this shit they get in trouble, need help, then shed a tear.

Sharing kills - Ok, if someone is an obvious kill hog/kill stealer, then you should tell them sit back for a world and let someone else take it over. HERES THE THING: If its a big kill, like, 100fightmage for ahrims, THEN and ONLY then, I believe one of our better pkers should be allowed take over, for the sake of the kill, not the loot, the loot could still be shared with the person who started on it, but remember, its clan > pixels.

After hits/if we get hit - We need to KEEP on pking. I know people leave when it happens, but yea, its fucking pointless to stop just because we got hit. However, IF they have a track on us, then yea its pointless, and contact me STRAIGHT away and we will work out the track.

This off screen logging business. It HAS to stop. If we know AG is coming, then find a way to run out, do you ever think what would happen if they had a spy, and they vidded us logging? No more telling people its ok to log. (Yes I know ive done it aswell so im not saying I havent). We cant risk it anymore.

Teaming with OT/DA/RSD - Its all good against AG, I dont care, any of these clans is fine to team with.

Late night pking - Yea, its kind of stupid pking with like 10 ppl in ahrims when AG are at the strongest. Well its not stupid, but its, shall we say, risky. These trips need to be extremely careful of scouts etc, this is when we are at our most vunerable.

These are just some area's that need work. There is alot more.

AG WILL eventually die, but not because of us, only because of its internal problems. We cant think were going to kill them, we just need to wait for it to happen. It'll happen eventually, but we cant speed it up. We've been improving at MB lately, we just need to keep it up, until things are back the way they used to be.
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post Jul 29 2007, 09:33 AM
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Mcdubber 420/furterlives

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the late night crew has been teaming with OT almost nightly to at least try and hit ag, seemed good for afew days and im sure with afew mor DI emmbers there im sure we can egt some kills, dont wanna be mean but some OT pkers arent the greatest and i know a lot of DI pkers are a lot better(not saying DI only get kills im saying that Di will get the job done but still let OT get kills as well)
im ALWAYS willing to tb, if we dont ahve tbers and im on ancites(once in a bluemoon) ill get tbs right away ThumbUp.gif
the lock pics are defently a yes ThumbUp.gif, im a tber and i refuse to bring a lockpick, its not becuse i dont wanna sit in there killing pirates, its the fact i have 95+ mage bonus at all times where some ancites have like +70(nothing wrong with that, but i have a higher chance of hitting a bind with +90/+70 mage bonous then an ancite has hitting a barrge with +60-80 mage bonus) and ive started brinning a lockpic when i tank embarassed(2).gif

dropping the kills is a huge factor atm, people think getting a kill is more important then saving a member, it was the same thing with TD last year, people started going after kills instead of saving a member, people died and we dident get kills. people started saving members and we started getting kills and died a lot less.

on the ahrims, agreed. i know i bring ahrims everytime i tb, i bring 13 brews tho. usully if i die its cuz of sum bs. today for example we where hit at arddy and we simplie dident have the man power and i iddent bring a lock pic so i had no where to go to live the tb, enterly my fault and after i died i felt like a moron. I think we should have sum sort of an event where we test people abilities at stairs, becuse 9/10 times thats where people are going to go, so thats where DI emmbers are gonna go when tbed, and some people who bring ahrims dont understand how the stairs work and the little tips u can pick up well working the stairs(i.e if a giant hits u wait down untell sumone hits it then go up, or stay down/up if beeing prayed against this way its an easy ~30 seconds of 0's) however there are other ways of living, the best way for a small team after you would be purate hut becuse they possiblie cant even hit u.

i will start inforcing people to run to edge or go to kbd and tele out(as long as sumone isent on screen or anything) becuse ur right, and im somone who has logged when ag isent in sight when i could easly go and run to edge with beeing just as safe. with the spys atm i do think there gonna get sum members on vid logging and it will fuck us over in the long run.

for the retarded gear- 100% agree, i even belive a defender when hybriding is just about usless but i gusse thats peoples dessitions. ive only ever pked in retarded gear like 2ce, onetime when we where with RSD for like 10 mins, and once solo at like 2:30 est.

as for latenight pking the leader of the trip usully trys to make sure that everyone is comftable in ahrims and its fine to wear mystic, today was just an unlucky day and your right, we should be a lot more carefule and aware of our suroundings for scouts and so on.

sharing killds is a MUST in my eyes, people dont want to waste 5+ hours pking for 1 tank set. its a waste of time.

everything is like all scambled up and shizzle, sorry embarassed(2).gif
ill edit it 2morrow in order+better spelling, 5:40 here and the sun is cooming up :\

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post Jul 29 2007, 10:04 AM
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Sounds good,
Just some short things,
I don't really mind ppl who bring fury as tbers when they don't have other stuff the protects over it, The fury gives a lot of def bonuses for tbers and they can still protect it.

Logging out, Think it should be ok If you the only one on screen, No Di around No noobs, Nothing, Just yourself.

I know I have been lazy on bring lockpick before as tank, But it's because most people was running to stairs when tbed, But lately I took lockpick and it actually helps a lot more then I though, So Yes, LOCKPICK SHOULD BE IN YOUR INVENTORY.

Let the kills go around the team, none like to sit pking for many hours and then have to freeze some bats..

And the big problem of people who go for kills instead of help out a member in trouble, I will from now on either ask them to leave the trip or temp strike them (depends on situation) if they keep on doing it.

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post Jul 29 2007, 11:42 AM
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Yippie ki yay mother fucker

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Well you summed it up pretty nicely.

Problem is, in these tank fights there are always about 10 people at the bank in a 1 on 1 fight while someone needs help at stairs or pirates and people are reluctent to go there. I think we need to sort out that.

Recently we have started getting into long tank fights with AG too, we need to stop that too really ;/ big waste of suplys and don't want to loose the F2P's from MB.

I don't understand the lockpick problem we never used to have it, now 75% of the trip don't have one.

I think what most of those points are about is team effort basically, we need to work better as a team and eally treat each other like clan mates, because people shouldn't have to be orderd to save a friend.

But at the end of the day we are alot better at MB than we were a few months ago, we will improve and sort those issues out.
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post Aug 1 2007, 06:16 AM
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PkK AlL DaY Yoo

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Ok I understand where your coming from, and 100% agree with you. As Sandman said the late night pkers pk with OT often to try to hit AG as much as possible to piss them off and make them not want to pk late nights when DI + OT are around because the fact is Di + Ot at night have tons of people compared to there 5-15 man night team. It works out well with us, and its always good to have a friendly clan that will be there to help whenever its needed, I think this is a great idea to be able to team with them against AG. Ot arent the best pkers but they are always willing to help us, and we should give them the same help they are offering to us when they need it also (which we usually do). They are willing to hit Ag with us as much as possible to take them out of night pking which is also a great plus, we'll take the offer when its given, even though we might not kill them for ahrims, its great to get them scared and bail whenever they see DI members at night. Works well ThumbUp.gif

As for our numbers, I really don't think its been bad at all lately, we mass up and get on average 20 people, which is not too bad. But we definetly need to improve on continuing to pk once we get into a tank fight, 1-2 people leave, the rest leave thinking its ok to leave, this needs to stop. Not sure why it happens, I understand if f2p'rs come up to mb to help us with tank fights and leave aftarwards, but the normal pk team leaving afterwards, needs to stop, especially if the pk trip just started not to long before a tank fight. If people need to go eat\leave there house or Real Life issues obviously they have to leave, but to just leave pking with us to do something else on runescape because they get bored after a tank fight, can't happen...

LockPics\Tb'rs Its always needed, why not bring them, sometimes when I hybrid, I can admit I don't bring lockpics just the fact that i have 10-12 brews an 3 sharks, but ill start taking 1 less brew for one, the more people in there the less of a chance to loose the kill. Tb'rs..2-4 Tb'rs a trip is perfect, without tb'rs can't really pk. Tbh I rarely see a trip with almost no tb'rs, unless its right after a Hit\Tank fight only one or two people get tb'rs out straight away. But tb'rs always needed.

I have used the df sheild before, the defence is great, only reason i used it, but ill stop now for sure. Wands and Mages books .. I used to pk with them alot and tb i used to have my wand in my invo the whole time, wdf for lol, not needed, book? God book is perfectly fine. Furys, not needed specially if its only a tank set, don't risk a whip for a tank set, for tb'rs its great defence but, we'll stop using them. Ill look more into it and try to enforce people that its not needed ThumbUp.gif

Sharing Kills needs to be done also, if people just come to pk and try to get kills and don't its not fun, people will just leave because its gets boring watching people get kills. The more people that get on kills the more people will come back and pk.
With share, i think everyone In DI is good with given shares, if someone gets 2 hit an its someone elses kill, everyone usually shares.

Offscreen logging Ill enforce people not to do it as much as I can, but I think the problem that will occur with this for now is "that its not a rule", If we tell people not to do it when a clan rushes in, people will be like no ones here who cares, its not a rule, and people still do it. Ill continue to tell people not to do this as much as I can, even tho i think people still do it, specially if they are in decent gear.

Pretty much sums up my thought about this all <3 2:20 AM good night smile.gif

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