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> Nonnabs Future Application, 14th October 2009
post Oct 14 2009, 09:56 AM
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1. RSN?
Nonnab - Di TomBannon

2. What is your F2P Combat Level/P2P Combat Level/Hitpoints Level?
124 F2p | 134 P2p | 99 Hitpoints

3. Post a picture of your pking supplies
IPB Image
IPB Image

4. Clan history?
This is taken from my introduction as nothing has changed.

Black Dragons – 2004 – Well when i started runescape in 2002 i slowly leveld up my combat and when i got to 75 combat i heard about runescape forums having a clan section, I looked into this and found a clan that caught my eye, Black Dragons. Back then clans didn’t have intro formats or anything so i straight up applied for them and got in. Black dragons was lead by Tallon911, Some of you who are old school Di might remember him as he came to Di after Black Dragons. We fought clans like Jagz Gladz and i think we fought Di once when they first started. A Year and half went on and i was still loyal to Black dragons, Leading there junior clan for lower levels called Black Dragon Legacy And becoming a forum moderator, Later in that year Tallon911 had announced he was leaving for Di as he wanted to quit runescape and he thought being in di was the way to do so. Leadership was handed over to Disire2kill and Black dragons then later died.

The White Tigers – This was also a runescape forum based clan that i had found and joined after the closure of Black Dragons this was only a small clan with members like Littlejr5 who is now Di, Lotsofcookie and other members, it didn’t last very long from what i can remember and eventually it died.

Divine Forces – 2006 – I was gaining combat level after combat level after the closure of TWT, I then got introduced by a friend to the real clan world with the big names such as Di Jagz Gladz Ds and Df. I introed to df being around 112 combat at the time and eventually made it to a member, I loved my time in Df as i had barely expierenced f2p warring before and it was amazing we had that 10 hour fight with DS at one point which i returned in binds for 6 hours straight until i was out of runes. Then kept returning in melee. I was in df for a year and half when i obtained the Senior member rank, But some friends of mine Turn roller Gibs123 and Jjamezz left Df to turn No honor and agility lure. I didn’t know about the honor and no honor system at this time and honestly didn’t think it would give somebody a bad reputation, I then made the hard decision of leaving Df to join my 3 friends in this and this is where i took my role as No Honor.

Team Redefined Ownage – I started watching a lot of pk videos and it really interested me in Pking at places like Magebank and Varrock Dragons And Graveyard Dragons. I Trained Oli killsu’s magic to 94 and joined Redefined Ownage when it was lead by Tyler WBA, I was later kicked as apparently i got 3 whip pks and didn’t share them, I don’t remember getting these kills and was confused at why i was kicked.

Team Something Vindictive/Team Vengeance – I found another Drags pking team on my time on Oli killsu this team was mainly based on Graveyard drags pking , I met people like Adam rools , Auron da 2nd (who i believe is a di fa now) Bentorq321 and Many others. Now i cant remember which way these went round but One of the teams closed Vindictive/Vengeance and Then remake of the team was re made by the same leaders but some different officials with a different name Vindictive/Vengeance. It then later closed and i had Oli killsu hacked off me shortly after.

Team Brutality – Now i was one of the first 5 members in Team brutality when Richworth and Bentorq321 opened it up, i only had my pure at the time until Leoalireza joined, Leo being one of my good mates for a few years asked his friend Chris/Mrdeeds333 who had quit runescape at the time if i could use his account as long as i made money on it. I played on this account and stayed brutality until the end of the Wilderness and the Bounty hunter crater came out. I put what money i made on Mrdeeds333 to my spare account Mini nonnab, I thought about quitting runescape at the time but as runescape was a pretty big addiction at the time i carried on playing but on Mini nonnab, I stayed in contact with a lot of members from brutality and i was then imformed brutality was going to give multi a shot when the bh crater was multi, This was in around January 2008 and Jagex had Removed People who didn’t break the Real world trading rule’s black marks were taken off there accounts, Meaning i got Nonnab unbanned, We did f2p as a small team in the crater and it got a lot of us interested in f2p and we was allowed to join Vr . Anyways As bh turned into a single area we went back to doing what we did best, This is where it all got abit tangled up and something i regret doing very very much i got muted on nonnab not long after i got unbanned i was with only members from brutality, it was a brutality member who got me muted and i acted really childish and i hacked a member of brutality for 80m. I then left after i did this but officials said they kicked me.

Violent Resoloution – I was only an Fa here as we was told we could intro to vr and be brutality, we could only do a few trips when i joined as single bh came out, I was then kicked from vr for what i did to the brutality member.

Team High Quality – I got offered auto accepted member of this newly created team by Ss Marc and Roadcaster after what happened in brutality, I worked my way up from a member to a pk leader then to co leader i had fun in this team and it helped me to learn another language with the team being mainly dutch. Unfortunetly Ss Marc and Roadcaster both went on holiday for 2 months and i couldn’t lead it on my own so when they got back we decided to close.

Dark Ascension – The F2p Version – Ss Marc And Roadcaster being good friends of mine said they was going to try for dark ascension i said id have a go to as i already had a basic knowledge of f2p, It took me a lot longer then my 2 friends to get accepted as with my past of the hacking and stuff i had to prove my self a lot and thats what i did to show my dedication. I finally got accepted as a Fa and then eventually got new member, I then went on holiday for the weekend to come back and find Da had closed.

Infinite Lurers – It was late December 2008 and it was the day before my birthday, I thought id really like to get back into Bh crater and back into hybriding, I introed to IL and it took me a lot of proving my self and dedication to get in, I was a very loyal member to IL and i proved my self a lot to the officials, I stepped up a lot on trips and people looked up to me. I was then given the rank of Pk Leader, I did my part as an official but eventually towards the near end of infinite lurers a lot of arguing happened between officials and also members, We had a big memberlist but only the same 25 people were active And other officials couldn’t get a word in on trips as it was just Fourmx shouting no you do it like this thinking he knew it all, Eventually a lot of us were sick and tired of fourmx and a good 15 of us all left the day before they closed.

Reign Of Terror – After Infinite Lurers Me and One of my very good mates 0 runescim 0 were very interested in p2p multi after doing it in IL, He told me we should try for Rot, I knew a few rot from a few years ago and i gave it a shot at introing, It was easier then i expected to get into rot and i eventually got new member im not going to lie i did enjoy my time in rot until i was kicked ,
The Reason for me being kicked at first was because Apprently i was a brutality spy, unfortunate for Rot they found out after kicking me i wasn’t the Brutality spy and it was some future app who was, They then changed my kick reason to Apprently Leaking Private Information, I still havnt seen any of this proof and its been 3 months down the line.

Team Untamed – Now this is still a team lead by 0 runescim 0, I joined to help him out and ye it was fun until i didn’t get a long with officials and then it ended up they started posting things about my real life, i didn’t want to argue about it so i just did the sensible thing and left.

5. Referal Names?
Buzzb252 / Di Buzzy
Blackbro0 / JAMisdaLIMIT
Lcfc1991 / Di Matthew

6. Why do you want to join Di? (At least 75 words)
Well i have always been interested in what it would be like to join Damage incorporated but i have never thought i myself could live up to there standards with my history in runescape. I have been an intro for a total of 19 days now and i love everything to do with Di at this point, I know it will take me a long time to proove my self to every single 1 of you but im willing to take that chance and do so.

7. Do you play Runescape? Or only log on for pk trips(/clan events)
I play runescape daily unless im bored and will log on to see if theres any events happening.

8. Did you know any Di members before introing? If so, who?

Cody Faq
Dang im dood

9. Did you have a mentor? If so, who?

10. Do you see yourself going inactive for any reason in the next 6 months?
Nope unless i get hit by a bus or something.

11. Are you able to attend events on Saturdays or is there something now or in the future which may prevent you doing so?
I make most of my nights going out with friends on Fridays i very rarely go out on a saturday.

12. Is there anything you wish to declare now that if discovered at a later stage may result in you being kicked?
Honestly i cant think of a single thing i have been honest in my intro and this fa.

13. Link to introduction:
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